Sunday, July 28, 2013


One year….12 months….52 weeks….365 days….8,760 hours of waiting…We have our first year down. One…whole….year…..down, 12months behind us, 52 weeks nearer, 365 days closer….to our child half way around the world. In a way, the wait hasn't felt that long. The craziness of life intrudes and pressing matters at home cause Jay and I all to often to NOT think about our adoption, to NOT think about Ethiopia, to NOT think about our child, their country, or our new family together. The year anniversary of our placement on the waitlist re-surfaced a lot of the NOTS in our life. We have NOT been praying regularly for Ethiopia and for the adoption crisis. We have NOT been supporting third world countries with donations and making valiant efforts to buy fair trade goods, and we have NOT been actively researching the country of Ethiopia or how to integrate our kiddo into our home when the time comes.  It is quite disturbing to re-read the posts a year ago at our excitement and preparation, and compare it to the lethargic tone our wait has become. We understand of course that this is not acceptable. Complacency is how our world has come to look the way it does. And this wait for us, as I enthusiastically stated in an earlier post, is a time for preparation and eager anticipation and faithfulness. 

So, with that said, Jay and I are trying to be MORE active during our wait. Any effort to help the orphan crisis is helping bring our child home sooner.  I have included ways at the bottom of the blog that everyone can help the crisis as well, both in big and small ways. Again, there are thousands of families waiting for children stuck in orphanages. Efforts should be focused on helping support countries, families, and children in need all over the world. This is how we begin to make a dent in this crisis.

On a personal adoption note, Jay and I are preparing to meet with our social worker to update a few things and for her to see our new "normal", meaning our family with our little guy.  We are still contemplating the changes we will make to our requirements (boy, girl, siblings, age, special needs, ect) and ask for prayers of guidance in the matter on our behalf. We are once again getting excited and anxious for our Ethiopian kiddo. To think that we are closer than we were a year ago to seeing their sweet face is incredible to think about. This is the longest pregnancy ever!

My mother-in-law recently purchased the book pictured on the right. It  details Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) life as an "Instant Mom" to a toddler, something I can very much relate to! It is also educating me on a lot of different aspects related to adoption. Very enjoyable read! In fact I read quite a bit of it on our annual vacation trip to upstate Michigan. We had an amazing time with family and friends, and look forward to introducing all our lake friends to our future kiddo.   They did get to meet our current little guy, and he had a blast with everyone. It is amazing how a vacation changes, in a good way, when a little person is involved in it. Seeing his face trying new things is always amazing. Again, we are grateful for the time we get to spend with him and we LOVE having him in our lives.

Here's to hoping the next blog post is about something amazing on this journey.....

Ways to help the orphan crisis:
-Buy fair trade goods
-Buy fair trade coffee from sites like ours that give some of the proceeds to help with clean water efforts in third world countries. Here is the link to our STOREFRONT! But there are lots out there!
-Numerous adoption agencies, like ours (All God's Children), have links to support the people of the countries they work with. Here is All God's Children's SITE!
-Call your senators and make yourself aware of adoption legislation.
-Support a couple near you who is adopting, even encouraging words during the wait is powerful.