Jay and Ileah

Thats how this story begins!...Hard to imagine it was over a year ago that we combined our single lives, from me and I, to us with one killer vacation and wedding! Our wedding was the best time of our lives (so far). It wasn't traditional, but it was totally Jay and I. We don't like to think of ourselves as traditional, and i think anyone who knows us would agree that we tend not to do things the traditional way. So it should come to no surprise that when it comes to family planning, we may not take the traditional route. We had intended on waiting a few years before even starting the "family" discussion, however God had a different plan. It seems everywhere we turn these days, there is discussion about the horrific orphan crisis facing the world. It is estimated that there are over 163,000,000 orphans worldwide, nearly 6 million alone residing in Africa. While we always talked about adopting internationally someday, we began to feel the calling to change this horrific number, even if its only by 1.  Things have quickly begun to fall into place (which let me tell you, clarifies it for us, that this IS the right decision) and after careful consideration, long discussions, and tons of prayer, we feel NOW is the time to start our international adoption journey, and our family. We hope this blog will help keep you, our family and friends in the loop with our journey, but we also hope it serves as a resource for those interested in adoption, but who may not know where to begin.

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