Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It is finished….our dossier that it is! All of the documentation is signed, notarized, sealed, stamped with the approval of the U.S. Government, and is currently on its 7200 mile truck across the world to China. From there, we will be entered into the database. Our adoption agency is hopeful that we will be matched before years end! There are several children waiting for their paperwork to be completed at the Chinese national level, and once that is complete, they will be available for placement into their family. Hard to imagine an actual end to all this craziness! I called an international pediatrician recently out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and now know our next move when we finally do see their precious little face. Jay and I have a rough draft “plan” for return to work and how we will cocoon our little one upon their arrival. Its becoming real, people! There is only one thing that could stand in our way…our dang marriage license! Because we were married out of the country, our marriage license continues to be a thorn in this process. Typically, the license would be county, state, and then nationally certified, but ours is different. It cannot be certified at the county level and thus any other level. Not to mention getting our hands on a certified copy requires working with the Bahamian Government. To give you an idea, their government works about as slow as ours does, plus we have the language barrier which makes things a bit complicated.  I'm really quite sick of government regulations and paperwork. However, we have hope that China will accept our license as is and we should hear word on that within the next couple of weeks.

Anyways, we are moving forward and we could not be happier. The summer is coming to an end, and while I normally dread the coming cold, winter months, I have reason to be excited this year.

Ok so a little update.  Jayden had a pretty amazing summer. He has participated in swim and soccer lessons, and got his first golf set, just like daddy. 

He went on his first airplane trip to Tampa Florida and was able to hang out with some of my most favorite people, the girls I grew up with, and their little bambino's.

We also went again to the lake house with the Reichert family and had a relaxing break from everyday work life. 

It was great, and now we are back into the grind. Jayden will officially start pre-school in about a week, which is a relatively easy process due to the fact that his current pre-preschool class is right next door. That’s our current update. Hopeful to be sharing some exciting news soon.